1851 John Tallis Antique Map of Western Australia or The Swan River Settlement

Cartographer : John Tallis

This original hand coloured, steel plate engraved antique map of Western Australia or The Swan River Settlement, Australia with vignettes of Perth, Fremantle, Aboriginals and settlers was engraved by John Rapkin and published by John Tallis in 1851.

General Definitions:
Paper thickness and quality: - Heavy and stable
Paper color : - off white
Age of map color: - Original
Colors used: - Blue
General color appearance: - Authentic
Paper size: - 14in x 11in (355mm x 280mm)
Plate size: - 14in x 11in (355mm x 280mm)
Margins: - Min 1/2in (12mm)

Margins: - None
Plate area: - None
Verso: - None

The firm of Tallis & Company flourished from 1835 to 1860 with varying imprints. Their illustrated Atlas of 1850-51 was one of the last decorative atlases, all the maps being engraved on steel and all adorned with small vignettes. (Ref: Tooley; M&B)