1780 Bonne Cook Antique Maps of Russia, Japan, Macao China, Alaska

Cartographer : Rigobert Bonne

  • Title : Plan de la Baye D' Awatska; Partie Du Japon ou Nippon; Plan du Typa ou de Macao; Isle de Soufre
  • Date : 1780
  • Condition: (A) Very Good Condition
  • Ref:  40584
  • Size: 16in x 11in (405mm x 280mm)

This beautifully hand coloured original antique map of 4 regions of the North Pacific explored by Captain James Cook during his third Voyage of Discovery and tracks showing Cooks survey routes within Prince William Sound -  was published by Rigobert Bonne in the 1780 edition of Atlas des toutes les parties connues du globe terrestre by Guillaume Raynal.

The 4 maps are;
1. Avacha Bay, Kamchatka Penninsular Russia.
2. East coast and Islands of Japan
3. Town & Islands of Macao, China
4. Islands of Soufre Vanauatu South Pacific. (Ref Tooley M&B)

General Description:
Paper thickness and quality: - Heavy and stable
Paper color: - White
Age of map color: - Early
Colors used: -Green, yellow
General color appearance: - Authentic and fresh
Paper size: - 16in x 11in (405mm x 280mm)
Plate size: - 14 1/2in x 10in (370mm x 255mm)
Margins: - Min 1in (25mm)

Margins: - None
Plate area: - Two very small worm holes adjacent to right centerfold
Verso: - None