1753 Bellin Antique Map of Australia & New Zealand - Carte Reduite.....Australes

Cartographer : Jacques Nicholas Bellin

  • Title : Carte Reduite des Terres Australes pour Servir a l'Histoire des Voyages...1753
  • Ref #:  61042
  • Size: 12 1/2in x 9 1/4in (320mm x 230mm)
  • Date : 1753
  • Condition: (A+) Fine Condition

This beautifully hand coloured original antique map* of Australia - one of the earliest near complete maps dedicated to the Island Continent - was engraved in 1753 by Jacques Nicolas Bellin  - date engraved in the title -and was published by Antoine Prevost in Histoire Generale Des Voyages.

Background: This is one of the few 18th century maps to focus on the Australian continent prior to Cook's famous first voyage from 1768-1771. Mainland Australia is connected to both Tasmania (Terre de Van Diemen) and Papua New Guinea (Nouv. Guinee). Along the imaginary eastern coastline is a note that reads: "I suppose that the land of Diemen can join with the land of the Holy Ghost, but this is without proof." A partial coastline of New Zealand is shown peeking out of the corner of the map, with a note that it was discovered by Abel Tasman in 1642 and speculation that it might be part of a great southern continent. This is an important map of Australia depicting the interesting theories made prior to exploration of the region later in the 18th century. (Ref: Tooley; M&B)

General Description:
Paper thickness and quality: - Heavy and stable
Paper color: - off white
Age of map color: - Early
Colors used: - Yellow, green, red, brown.
General color appearance: - Authentic and fresh
Paper size: - 12 1/2in x 9 1/4in (320mm x 230mm)
Plate size: - 11 3/4n x 8 1/2in (295mm x 215mm)
Margins: - Min ½in (12mm)

Margins: - None
Plate area: - Folds as issued
Verso: - None