Appraisals and Restorations

Through our role as dealers in Antiquarian paper goods we have established extensive knowledge in assessing the value and condition of antiquarian works on paper. We offer our services to appraise their condition and value, using professional appraisal techniques. We also offer a restoration service, both supplying expertise in-house and in connection with world-renowned paper conservators. 



Values in the Antiquarian maps and prints market are changing rapidly. It is very important for collectors to have accurate and up to date information on items in their collection. We are able to give an informal appraisal of any works on paper with a description and digital image of the item. Written appraisals may be supplied after a physical inspection of the work, and this will include a valuation of the item, for insurance or probate. All valuations given are subject to the condition of the item and market forces at the time of valuation. 


Classical Images will undertake the restoration of antiquarian items where possible and appropriate. We offer a range of services both supplied in-house and in conjunction with the internationally renowned conservator and historian, Leonora Okarma Weaver. Leonora is highly experienced in the repair and conservation of all paper based items, oil paintings and frames and has worked for such illustrious clients as the National Trust and Hampton Court Palace in the United Kingdom and the Columbia Theological Seminary in the United States. Leonora has undertaken restoration of works of all sizes and ages from all manner of original condition. She is a member of the Institute of Paper Conservation in the United Kingdom and the AIC in the Untied States.

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