William Berry (1639-1718)

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A publisher and seller of maps and globes who is known to have been in business at a number of London addresses between about 1671 and 1700. The son of a Warwickshire baker, his earliest known work was a book on Astronomy published in 1669 in conjunction with Robert Morden with whom he later published and sold the famous playing card maps. In his own right he became renowned as the publisher of a series of two-sheet maps based on the originals by the eminent French cartographer, Nicolas Sanson. He is also known for a very rare copy of a large road map (620 x 790 mm) of England and Wales by Wenceslaus Hollar which has been tentatively dated between 1669 and 1676.

1673 A New Map of the English Plantations in America (with Robert Morden)
1676 Playing cards depicting the Counties (with Robert Morden)
1679 Grand Roads of England
1680 Amapp of All the World 1689 Atlas Collections of maps with differing contents.

William Berry

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