1639 Hondius Antique Map of Magellan Straits, South America

Cartographer : Henricus Hondius

  • TitleFreti Magellanici ac novi Freti vulgo Le Maire exactissima delinatio..
  • Date : 1639
  • Condition: (A+) Fine Condition
  • Ref:  43137
  • Size: 22in x 18in (560mm x 470mm)

This finely engraved beautifully hand coloured original antique map of Straits of Magellan, Le Maire Strait, Fire Lands and the southern tip of Patagonia was published in the 1639 French edition of Mercators Atlas by Jan Jansson and Henricus Hondius.

These maps, published in the later editions of Mercators atlas, are derived from the original maps drawn and engraved by Gerald Mercator in the mid to late 16th century, published by his son Rumold as an atlas, after his death, in 1595. After two editions the plates were purchased by Jodocus Hondius in 1604 andcontinued to be published until the mid 1630's when the plates were re-engraved and updated by Jan Jansson and Henricus Hondius.

Early impression of this fine map of Tierra del Fuego. With a Dutch translation of the explanatory text of the passage by Barent Jansz. Potgieter who accompanied captain Sebald de Weert to the Straits in 1599/1600, being the first Dutch vessels to sail through the Strait of Magellan.
After various English voyages, the Dutch appeared in the Strait of Magellan in 1599. One of the Dutch pioneering voyages to the Southwest was the one by Jacques Mahu and Simon de Cordes, who were sent out by Rotterdam merchants.
The five ships of this fleet were the first Dutch vessels to sail through the Strait of Magellan. One of them, the De Liefde, completed the crossing of the Pacific, reached Japan and laid the foundations for Dutch trade. 
(Ref: Tooley, Koeman)

General Description:
Paper thickness and quality: - Heavy and stable
Paper color: - off white
Age of map color: - Original
Colors used: - Green, pink, yellow, blue
General color appearance: - Authentic 
Paper size: - 22in x 18in (560mm x 470mm)
Plate size: - 19 1/2in x 15 1/2in (490mm x 390mm)
Margins: - Min 1in (25mm)

Margins: - None
Plate area: - Light creasing
Verso: - Bottom centerfold re-joined, no loss