Johannes Covens 1697-1774 & Cornelius Mortier (1699-1783)

Covens & Mortier was a Dutch cartographic publishing house that was active from 1721 to 1866. The firm was founded by Johannes Covens (1697-1774) and Cornelis Mortier (1699-1783) in Amsterdam, and was known for producing high-quality maps and atlases that were popular throughout Europe.

Johannes Covens was born in Amsterdam in 1697, the son of Pieter Covens, who was a book publisher and bookseller. After his father's death in 1722, Johannes took over the business, and in 1721 he formed a partnership with his brother-in-law Cornelis Mortier, who was married to Johannes' sister Elizabeth.

Cornelis Mortier was born in Amsterdam in 1699, and was also from a family of book publishers and booksellers. He had previously worked for his uncle, Pieter Mortier, who was a successful cartographer and map publisher.

Covens & Mortier quickly established themselves as one of the leading cartographic publishers in Europe. They published a wide variety of maps, atlases, and globes, many of which were based on the work of other prominent cartographers of the time, including Guillaume Delisle, Jan Jansson, and Willem Blaeu.

One of Covens & Mortier's most notable works was their "Atlas Nouveau", which was first published in 1721 and was continuously revised and updated over the next century. The atlas contained maps of all parts of the world, and was known for its accuracy and attention to detail.

Covens & Mortier also produced maps and atlases for the Dutch East India Company, which was responsible for trading and exploration in the East Indies. Their maps and charts were used by Dutch navigators and explorers, and helped to expand Dutch trade and influence in the region.

After the deaths of Johannes Covens and Cornelis Mortier, the firm was taken over by their sons, Johannes Covens II and Cornelis Mortier II. The firm continued to publish maps and atlases throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, and was eventually sold to J.B. Wolters in 1866.

Covens & Mortier

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