1775 De Mannevillette Antique Map of Bay of Bengal, India

Cartographer :Jean Baptiste De Mannevillette

  • Title: Carte Reduite du Golfe de Bengale, depuis L'Isle de Ceyland jusqu'au Golfe de Siam
  • Date: 1775
  • Ref: 92826
  • Size: 30in x 21 1/2in (740mm x 540mm)

This large beautifully engraved original antique map, a sea chart, of the Gulf of Bengal stretching from Sri Lanka to the island of Sumatra was published in the enlarged version of Le Neptune Oriental by Jean Baptiste De Mannevillette in 1775.

This fine sea chart from Mannevillette's Le Neptune Oriental, is an important early sea chart showing the coastlines of India, Ceylan, Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Jean Baptiste Nicolas Denis D'Apres de Mannevillette (1707-1780) was born in Le Havre to a nautical family. Mannevillette would go on to have a long and distinguished career as a navigator and one of the first French hydrographers. After studying mathematics in Paris, he gained early seafaring experience to the Caribbean at the age of 19.
He spent the majority of his career as a naval officer in Asia, where he assembled a collection of material for a projected hydrographic atlas which, with the support of the Academie des Sciences, was published in Paris in 1745 under the title Le Neptune Oriental. Thereafter, Mannevillete spent nearly thirty years, often with the assistance of his friend, Alexander Dalrymple, the English hydrographer, in the preparation of a revised and enlarged edition which eventually was issued in 1775. (Ref: Tooley; M&B)

General Description:
Paper thickness and quality: - Heavy and stable
Paper color: - off white
Age of map color: - Early
Colors used: - Yellow, green, red, brown.
General color appearance: - Authentic and fresh
Paper size: - 30in x 21 1/2in (740mm x 540mm)
Plate size: - 26 1/2n x 20in (675mm x 510mm)
Margins: - Min 1in (25mm)

Margins: - None
Plate area: - Light ink smear
Verso: - None

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Condition : (A) Very Good Condition