1880 FV Greene Lot of 5 Large Antique Lithograph Maps of Washington DC, America

Cartographer :F V Greene

  • Title : City of Washington Statistical Map No. 4, No. 5, No. 6, No.7, No. 8
  • Ref #:  16266, 16282, 16263, 16265, 16264
  • Size: 30in x 23in (767mm x 585mm) each
  • Date : 1880
  • Condition: (A) Very Good Condition

This lot of 5 (of 12 published) first edition, original antique very large lithograph statistical maps of Washington DC by Lieutenant Francis Vinton Greene were published to show the large-scale improvements to the infrastructure of on the June 30th 1880, all maps dated bottom left.

These maps were compiled by Greene to accompany the annual report of the commissioners of the District of Columbia, for the year ending June 30th 1880. Each map carries the title "Statistical Map No.__," is drawn on an identical scale and shows the street pattern of Washington.
Each has a specialized focus, e.g.
No. 4 - Shade trees
No. 5 - Gas Lamps
No. 6 - Water Mains
No. 7 - Sewers
No. 8 - Public Schools
Very interesting details emerge from the maps, e.g., there were 1266 telegraph poles with 30.5 miles of line and 436 miles of wire; New Jersey Ave. was paved with wood and swept once each month. This important set of five of the original 12 provide a remarkable look into the capital's infrastructure in the early 1880's.   (Ref Tooley M&B)

General Description:
 Paper thickness and quality: - Heavy, stable canvas backed
 Paper color: - off white
 Age of map color: - Original
 Colors used: - Pink, blue, yellow, green
 General color appearance: - Authentic
 Paper size: - 30in x 23in (767mm x 585mm)
 Margins: - Min 2in (50mm)
 Margins: - Light spotting L&R bottom corners
 Plate area: - None
 Verso: - Bottom L&R bottom corner canvas loose on all maps.