1771 Dalrymple Large Antique Map Philippines, Mindanao Sulu Arc Basilan Boobooan

Cartographer :Alexander Dalrymple from D' apres De Mannevillette

  • TitleThe Sooloo Archipelago, laid down from observations in 1761, 1762, 1763, & 1764 by Dakymple. / Toolyan Bay. / Sooloo Road
  • Ref #:  70068
  • Size: 29in x 21in (740mm x 535mm)
  • Date : 1771
  • Condition: (A) Very Good Condition


This large fine hand coloured original antique map a sea chart of the Sulu Archipelago part of the Philippines, Basilan Island and tip of Mindanao - with 2 insets of Toolyan island and bay, and the islands of Palleeangan and Boobooan - was engraved in 1771 - the date is engraved at the foot of the map - by B Henry and was published by Alexander Dalrymple from D' apres De Mannevillette  in 1767 in Discoveries in the South Pacific before 1764.

A most important milestone chart based upon the surveys made from navigational surveys in 1761-64 by Alexander Dalrymple (1737-1808]. He was the first hydrographer of the British Admiralty and the first writer in English to use the word Australia". He used the term to refer to the whole South Pacific region, not specifically to the Australian continent.

Latitude and longitude scales, soundings near coast and in bay areas.
D' Après de Mannevillette (1707-1780) was a famous French sailor and hydrograph. During a voyage to China in 1728 he succeeded in correcting the latitudes of many places using new instruments. Back in France he devised a plan to correct and publish all the existing maps of the route to China: the Red Sea, the coasts of India, Malaya, the northern parts of Indonesia, Indochina and China.
When the first edition of his Atlas Le Neptune Oriental (containing only 22 charts) was published in 1745, it was regarded as a major achievement and a library indispensable to navigators. In 1772, d'Après was appointed director of an office established by the Compagnie des Indes for the publication of charts.(Ref: M&B; Tooley)

General Description:
Paper thickness and quality: - Heavy & stable
Paper color: - White
Age of map color: - Later 
Colors used: - Green, yellow, pink  
General color appearance: - Authentic  
Paper size: - 29in x 21in (740mm x 535mm)
Plate size: - 25in x 19in (635mm x 485mm)
Margins: - Min 1in (25mm)

Margins: - None
Plate area: - None
Verso: -None