1693 Coronelli Antique Globe Gore Part of Southern Pacific below New Zealand

Cartographer : Vincenzo Maria Coronelli

This finely engraved original hand coloured scarce approx. 1/4 sheet part Globe Gore map section - from Coronellis 42in Globe - of the very southern Pacific Ocean south of New Zealand centering on a finely engraved compass rose - was published by Vincenzo Maria Coronelli (1650 - 1718) in the 1693 Venice edition of Libro dei Globi. 
(I have included a image below of the complete view of Coronellis Western Globe Gores so you can see where these gores fit the globe. The image below is an example only, from Rodney Shirleys "The Mapping of The World")

The original globe gores for the 42in Terrestial & Celestial Globes were printed on 12 full length sheets - with two polar calottes - in 1688. 

To help fit into Coronellis future publications of Atlante Veneto, Libro dei Globi  andIsolario dell' Atlante Veneto the gore sheets were re-issued as the same size but cut into smaller sections. This effectively allowed the gores to be published but instead of one sheet per gore there were cut into 2, 4 or 6 sections to make  the one gore sheet.

The first edition of Coronelli's 3 ½-foot celestial globe was engraved by Nolin in Paris after drawings provided by the Italian geographer and was printed in 1688. At the same time, its terrestrial counterpart was engraved and printed in Venice under Coronelli's direction. These globes were produced in part as replicas of the gigantic and unique 15 foot-diameter pair of globes that Coronelli constructed and presented to Louis XIV, the King of France, in 1683, and which secured his fame as Europe's premier globe maker. In 1693, soon after Coronelli engraved and printed the first Venetian edition of the 3 ½-foot celestial globe, Nolin engraved at Paris an entirely new edition on new plates. This globe "was based on Coronelli's work, but with the main legends in Latin, not Italian, as befitted a French market. The 3 ½ foot celestial globe was one of the crowning glories of Coronelli's output and was also the grandest celestial globe of the 17th century. (Ref: Shirley; Armao, Ermanno. Vincenzo Coronelli Cenni sull'uomo e la sua Vita Catalogo... Bibliopolis, Florence, pp.130-134)

General Description:
Paper thickness and quality: - Heavy and stable
Paper color: - off white
Age of map color: - Early
Colors used: - Red, yellow, blue
General color appearance: - Authentic
Paper size: - 11 1/2in x 10 1/2in (290mm x 270mm) 
Plate size: - 11 1/2in x 10 1/2in (290mm x 270mm) 
Margins: - Min 1/2in (12mm)

Margins: - None
Plate area: - Creasing along fold, small sew hole
Verso: - None